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Marino College

14-20 Marino Mart, Fairview, Fairview, Dublin, Republic of Ireland

Marino College provides part-time and evening courses.

Please visit our website at Welcome to Evening Courses — Marino College Second Level for updates and enrolment information.

Marino College boasts a wide range host of courses including Craft, Health, Well Being, I.T, and Language courses.

In Marino College, we seek to encourage a caring and open community by developing the whole person to his or her potential. The collected energy of all concerned with the College is constantly focused on maintaining a centre of excellence. Marino College was established in 1936 and has a long and proud tradition in education. Our Tutors have developed much valuable experience over the years in ensuring our learners achieve to their highest potential within a caring and supportive atmosphere.

Chinese (Mandarin) - Beginners
Online Learning, Chinese Course

CHINESE – (Mandarin) This 10 week online beginner’s course provides a brief introduction to the Chinese language, its scripts and sounds, and how words are formed. The course is designed to meet the basic requirements for daily social communication, and focuses on both listening and speaking skills. The course aims to cover the following: The…

German -Beginners
Online Learning, German Course

Beginners Class: 1. Greetings 2. Introduce yourself 3. Find the way – explain a city map, asking for directions and paying for meals. 4. Everything about travelling 5. Grammar – article, singular / plural, gender. 6. Colours 7. Time / clock 8. Numbers 9. German song – translation.

German Improvers
Online Learning, German Course

The main objective of this German Improvers course is to focus on building up and developing a good range of elementary grammar and vocabulary and conversation skills. This course is most suitable for learners who have a reasonably good prior knowledge of the language having completed at least 30 hours prior tuition. Tutor: Liam Lonergan

Journalism - An Introduction
Online Learning, Journalism Course

Journalism – An Introduction Course overview This course is open to all adult members of the public. It is an entry level journalism course and aimed at those with no or limited journalism experience. Participants on the course will learn how to get behind the headlines and controversies of the mainstream media to write the truth…

Polish course – (Improvers/Intermediate)
Online Learning, Polish Course

Polish course for Improvers/Intermediate: This Polish course is aimed at students who have a good basic grasp of the present tense and a reasonable vocabulary. Ideally students should have completed at least 30 hours of tuition in Polish. . Emphasis is on  oral communication and grammar. This course is online, the student is responsible for…


Marino College
14-20 Marino Mart
Fairview, Fairview, Dublin
Republic of Ireland
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