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Kill Avenue, Dun Laoghaire, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin, Republic of Ireland. Eircode: A96 KH79

Discover online courses and distance learning opportunities at IADT.

IADT Dún Laoghaire Institute of Art Design & Technology offers online course options within lifelong learning, postgraduate and undergraduate studies.

We believe in the future at IADT. As you’ll see from the exciting range of courses on offer, we have earned our unique reputation as Ireland’s leading creative, cultural and technological higher education provider.


Certificate in Critical Research (foundation, Future and Skills)
Online Learning, Science & the Built Environment Course

Traditionally, research approaches could be categorised in ways such as science, humanities or art practice-based research. Increasingly, inter- and multi-disciplinary movements are calling for more collaboration between these areas, while preserving an empirical (evidence-based) approach.   This Certificate provides an overview of the empirical research process, theories and methods so as to provide students with…

Certificate in Cyberpsychology
Online Learning, Psychology Courses Course

Cyberpsychology examines the online world and its impact on human behaviour. It is an essential area of expertise for anyone who wishes to make the most of online technologies. Cyberpsychology also considers the impact of new technologies on users, from the latest mobile devices and gaming systems to high-end virtual reality equipment.   What topics…

Certificate Fundamentals of User Experience Design
Blended Learning - Mix of Classroom & Online, Science & Technology Course

Explore how the core elements of user experience (UX) design can be used to create more effective, engaging and enjoyable digital media interactions. What is it? User experience design uses research, design skills and usability testing to enhance the ways in which a user can interact with a digital product. It involves varied activities, including…

Certificate in Critical Design Philosophy
Blended Learning - Mix of Classroom & Online Course

Explore recent design history from a critical perspective and new theoretical frameworks for design, and examine the philosophical foundations of design. Our postgraduate certificate explores recent design history from a critical perspective and proposes new theoretical frameworks for design that are matriarchal, eco-centered, and non-anthropocentric. The course begins by examining the philosophical foundations of design,…

Certificate in Design Thinking
Blended Learning - Mix of Classroom & Online Course

Design Thinking can transform the way organisations develop products, services, processes and strategy. Many companies now deploy design thinking methodologies to help them overcome key business challenges ever present in today’s fast-paced technology and data driven environment. Design thinking can be used as an innovative approach: for problem solving and management strategy; to create customer-centric…

Certificate in Digital Sculpting
Online Learning Course

This Certificate in Digital Sculpting course is designed as a week by week introduction to Z-Brush to help you realize and explore your concepts efficiently in 3D. ZBrush is an industry standard sculpting and 3D modelling application commonly used in animation, AR/VR, film/TV, illustration, jewellery design, prop making, and general sculptural practices. It is used…

Certificate in Producers as Leaders
Blended Learning - Mix of Classroom & Online, Film + Media Course

This course will provide you with the skills and competencies you need to act in the leadership role of a senior project manager, senior producer, series producer/director. You may already be working within an industry where you are interested in progressing professionally, e.g. in areas such as editorial leadership or senior project management. The course…

Certificate in Production Management (TV & Non-fiction)
Blended Learning - Mix of Classroom & Online, Media Production Course

This Production Management course presents the opportunity to gain and develop practical production skills in film, television and live action and to keep pace with the ever-changing technology and practices. Building on existing experience and skills you have learned through working or studying in a creative environment, this course will provide you with a comprehensive…

Certificate in Speculative Design Futures
Blended Learning - Mix of Classroom & Online Course

As design, in all disciplines, evolves to cope with new developments in technology (artificial intelligence, immersive virtual environments, digital identities, etc.), the urgency of climate crisis, and changing legal, social and ethical contexts, it is vital that designers continue to upskill and future proof their practice. Designers are problem solvers and creative solution proposers who…

Storytelling for the Metaverse (Certificate)
Blended Learning - Mix of Classroom & Online, Film & Media Course

This Storytelling for the Metaverse course will introduce you to new technologies and ways of telling stories. Using a variety of technologies such as motion-capture, AR and VR you will have an opportunity to experiment and learn about the possibilities for creating different kinds of narrative. You can be a complete novice or already have…



Kill Avenue
Dun Laoghaire, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin
Republic of Ireland
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