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St Michaels Hill Christ Church,, Dublin City South, Dublin, Ireland

Walk where Vikings walked before. Travel back to the city in Viking times. See what life was like on-board a Viking warship, see the weaponry and learn the skills of being a Viking warrior. Try on Viking clothes, become a slave and stroll down a noisy street. Visit a smoky and cramped Viking house and learn about the myths and mysteries surrounding the Vikings and their legacy.

Step into Medieval Dublin. Witness the sights, sounds and smells of this busy city. Learn about crime and punishment, death and disease and even toothache remedies of 700 years ago. Enjoy the spicy aromas and so much more in the medieval fair, learn to play medieval games, visit a rich merchant’s kitchen and walk along a bustling Medieval street

Find out about Dublin’s rich past. Discover how we are influenced by the Viking and Medieval era. See artefacts found in Dublin on permanent loan from the National Museum of Ireland, including those from the famous Wood Quay excavations. Take a flying visit over the Medieval city and immersive yourself in our new audio-visual experience, a story of one man’s life growing up in Medieval Dublin.

Finish your visit by climbing the original Medieval tower, 96 steps to the top and spectacular views of the city. See Dublin from a new perspective and come away knowing more about its citizens through the ages!

Cultural and Heritage Studies – QQI MAJOR 5 AWARD
Blended Learning - Mix of Classroom & Online, History Course

*in collaboration with the City of Dublin Education Training Board Course Outline The Dublinia Cultural and Heritage programme, delivered in collaboration with the City of Dublin Education Training Board (CDETB,) is a QQI Level 5 Major award. The programme combines training and work experience over 11 months. There are nine certified modules including; History, Archaeology…

National Tour Guide Training Programme QQI Level 6 Special Purpose Award
Blended Learning - Mix of Classroom & Online, Cultural Studies Course

  Course Outline The National Tour Guide course in Dublinia will provide participants with the skills, knowledge and competencies to deliver and manage a comprehensive tour management and guiding service for tourists visiting and travelling in Ireland. The programme is relevant, practical and responsive to industry needs.   There are three modules: 1. Irish Tour…


St Michaels Hill Christ Church,
Dublin City South, Dublin
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