Promote Your Online Courses

Our Services is an online database, a platform for advertising as many courses as possible in Ireland. Our job is to market courses for colleges who are signed up to our website.

We advertise courses on our website and our social media accounts. We send out bi-weekly newsletters, which advertise all the new colleges and their courses signed up with us. We also host banner advertisements for colleges and their courses.

When a course provider signs up with us, we create a profile with college details – description, type of course provider, location, social media links, website link, contact details and a short enquiry form.

We upload courses for the provider to get them started with content including course description, time, duration, cost, location, category and more. Users who come across a college profile and courses can make a direct enquiry to the college.

The provider receives their account login details, which means they can update and delete courses as they please. There’s no limit to the number of courses a provider can add.

Newsletter email campaigns are a great way to enhance enquiries for courses listed on our site. When a new college signs up with us, we welcome them via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

We publish an article onto our website and include them in our newsletter to let our audience know that you have courses to offer.

We use visuals in our newsletters to grab the viewer’s attention. The traffic that builds up from these newsletters will then be sent through to the college’s course listing on

Our talented content writers create original or adapt content to help promote colleges and their courses. This content is published on the website articles and news sections, social media campaigns and newsletter emails.

On we offer a selection of banner advertising options such as Leaderboards, MPUs and Skyscapers. These visuals enhance the reach on your target audience. These ads can target your audience via category, location and device.

Advertising courses and classes with

For further information on the rate please contact our sales team on +353 1 531 1280

After signing up with, you will receive login details for provider login. After logging in you the click on MANAGE COURSES, where you can edit, copy or delete. When you submit a course, we will then publish live.

When registering with you can add the email you wish enquiries to be sent to for your profile and courses. You may change this at any time by logging in and clicking EDIT COLLEGE DETAILS. And you can update the email address for individual courses by logging in and clicking EDIT button by each course.

The information displayed in an enquiry is the date, college name, course title, name, phone number, email of prospective student, and a message.

  • Content is key. There are a number of avenues one can take to help boost performance on the site and keep enquiries consistent. Some beneficial factors to take into account are:


  • Incorporating sub headings
  • Writing short and to-the-point sentences that are easy for the reader to comprehend.
  • Devising short paragraphs for presentation or even using bullet points for the essential information.
  • Conveying the correct categories, location, date, time, duration, price and qualification. All these fields are already in place so all you have to do is tick or fill in.
  • There are also fields for explaining the course requirements and career benefits.


  • Articles are a good way to grab audience’s attention. Our creative writers can draft up great piece with your guidance and when published will link to your profile and course listings.
  • When writing course and college descriptions, keep a certain focus keyword that best suits the course. This will help in Google ranking, which in turn will guide more browsers to your courses.

Resolving Problems

We are always here to work on strategies to keep all providers happy with their traffic. We keep a close watch on what courses that might be lagging behind and work on ways to boost them. If you are not content with the amount of enquiries that are coming in then please contact us and we will strive to increase them.

Please get in touch with us and we can retrieve it for you or generate a new password for you.

Contact us and we can figure out why you’re not live.