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Online Diploma in Psychology

Online Diploma in Psychology is a course run by Dublin Business School (DBS), Dublin. It is an Online course with a duration of 12 weeks. Online Diploma in Psychology gives a Course Qualification of Diploma. For more information about Online Diploma in Psychology at Dublin Business School (DBS), please review the details below.


If you are interested in the key theories that shape our understanding of the mind and behaviour, this course is for you. Delivered wholly online this course is ideally suited to those looking for flexible learning opportunities.


Why Study Psychology?

Students of psychology develop a set of skills highly valued by employers like communication, organisation, critical thinking, resilience and time management.

By studying the Online Diploma in Psychology at DBS you will gain:

  • An understanding of the key principles and dominant perspectives in psychology
  • The knowledge to analyse behaviour methodically and scientifically
  • The skills to evaluate psychological theories, research and evidence
  • Improved decision making and inter-personal skills
  • Improved stress management and resilience



To meet the requirements of the Online Diploma in Psychology, students will be required to
complete a psychological study which will account for 100% of their grade.


DBS Student Facilities

  • Online Learning Environment – is an eLearning system designed to provide you with a range of course material, interactive education sessions, and is home to your virtual online classroom which will enhance and support your learning experience within DBS.
  • DBS Online Library – The Online Library provides a programme of introductory videos and virtual classroom sessions in the areas of Library resources, essay writing skills, avoiding plagiarism and referencing to assist you in your studies. These will be facilitated through the DBS Online Learning Environment prior to your commencement on the Diploma programme.
  • DBS Virtual Community of Learners – You will become part of DBS Online’s Virtual Community of Learners where you can network and share with your fellow online students.


Course Content

The Online Diploma in Psychology will introduce you to the key elements of some of the dominant explanations of human behaviour including psychoanalysis, behaviourism, humanistic and positive psychology and cognitive psychology.

Each module is taught using practical case studies, grounding all theoretical learning in real life examples.

Modules include:

Introduction to Psychology

    • An introduction to psychology.

Research Methods

    • Understanding research methods.
    • How to do research in psychology, core concepts.

Social Psychology

    • How social psychologists study behaviour and how psychology differs from common sense explanations of behaviour.


    • How attitudes are defined and how they change.
    • Use of JASP (online software programme for data analysis).
    • The relationship between our attitudes and how we think.
    • Cognition and thinking styles.


    • Introduction to psychoanalysis.
    • Developing a poster: how to lay out a study in poster format.
    • The meaning of dreams and the other means through which unconscious impulses are expressed.

Psychoanalysis: Freud and Post-Freudians

    • Freud’s explanation of personality and method of treatment.
    • Defence mechanisms.


    • Habituation and classical conditioning and behaviourist treatments and applications.

Behaviourism: Operant Conditioning

    • Core concepts and empirical evidence.
    • Comparing and contrasting behaviourism and psychoanalysis.

Humanistic Psychology

    • Maslow and Rogers and their theories

Stress and Stress Management

    • Compare biological and psychological explanations of stress and stress management.


Studying Online

The Online Diploma in Psychology is delivered wholly online. Workshops, tutorials and programme assessments are all conducted through a virtual learning environment. Weekly scheduled classes are streamed live and recorded using Zoom, a cloud-based app that works on any device. Just like on campus classes involve lectures, group discussions, student presentations and live tests.



Zoom is a cloud-based collaboration app that works on all devices. Weekly scheduled classes are streamed live and recorded on Zoom. Just like in on-campus classes, online classes include lectures, group discussions, student presentations and live tests.

For you to be able to interact fully with the class, you have to be able to see and hear it. To make sure you get the full virtual learning experience, make sure you have:

  • A microphone
  • Speakers or headphones
  • A webcam

Most modern devices come with all of the above built-in. If your device does not have all of these (or it is broken) there are a few options you can explore:

    • Use the Zoom app on your mobile phone to attend classes.
    • Purchase an external webcam with a built in microphone (these are available from around €15).
    • Purchase a headset with a microphone (also available from around €15).
    • Use a combination or your PC and phone. Dial in to the Zoom session for audio (numbers available for most countries) and attend the meeting online for video.



Moodle is an online learning management system. You will find materials and activities here, as well as links to the live classes, information on your lecturers and your timetable.


To use Moodle you will need:

  • A desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone
  • Any internet browser or equivalent app (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari etc.)
  • Apps that can read and edit PDFs, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint documents. If you do not already have access to these apps, they can be made freely available to you for the duration of the course.


Careers in Psychology – Opportunities

Having completed the Online Diploma in Psychology at DBS you can apply the insights and skills learnt on the course in work and beyond.

You will be in a great position to advance your studies, pursuing the qualifications needed to become a professional psychologist in areas such as clinical, educational, forensic psychology, or research.

Many people with a qualification in psychology use the skills learnt to advance their current career or to pursue a new one. A Diploma in psychology can help you to succeed in a variety of related fields including business, health, teaching and counselling.


Student Profile

This online Diploma attracts a diverse range of students from varied backgrounds. Some students might have a general interest in the area of the psychology while other learners undertake the Diploma because they wish to develop their theoretical understanding and the research and applied skills that will allow them to advance their career and/or improve their personal life.



The fee for the Online Diploma in Psychology is €1,500. This fee includes tuition, registration and DBS Online Library membership. This fee must be paid in full before the course begins.


Next Steps

Apply here or contact us by email or phone +353 (1) 4177500.

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Training ProviderDublin Business School (DBS)
Course LocationDublin
Location PostcodeDublin 2
Course TypeOnline Learning
Course QualificationDiploma
Awarding Body DetailsOnline Diploma in Psychology
Course Duration12 weeks
Course Fee€1,500
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