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Online Diploma in Digital Marketing & Strategy

Online Diploma in Digital Marketing & Strategy is a course run by Dublin Business School (DBS), Dublin. It is an Online course with a duration of 12 weeks. Online Diploma in Digital Marketing & Strategy gives a Course Qualification of Diploma. For more information about Online Diploma in Digital Marketing & Strategy at Dublin Business School (DBS), please review the details below.


The Online Diploma in Digital Marketing & Strategy will give you the skills to design, build, manage and measure effective online and digital campaigns. If you want to pursue a career in digital marketing, advance your marketing career, or build the digital profile of your business; this course if for you.

Why study Digital Marketing and Strategy?

In an increasingly digital world, the demand for digital marketing skills is always growing. This course gives students a clearly defined set of practical skills which can be leveraged immediately in a number of settings. Whether you’re working in-house on a marketing team or in a digital marketing agency, this course will help you to drive strategic and tactical solutions for a variety of sectors.

By studying the Online Diploma in Digital Marketing & Strategy at DBS you will develop core skills in:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital and Social Media
  • Online PR
  • Paid and Organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Campaign Measurement and Analysis



Assessment for the the Online Diploma in Digital Marketing & Strategy is 100% continuous assessment.


DBS Student Facilities

  • Online Learning Environment – is an eLearning system designed to provide you with a range of course material, interactive education sessions, and is home to your virtual online classroom which will enhance and support your learning experience within DBS.
  • DBS Online Library – The Online Library provides a programme of introductory videos and virtual classroom sessions in the areas of Library resources, essay writing skills, avoiding plagiarism and referencing to assist you in your studies. These will be facilitated through the DBS Online Learning Environment prior to your commencement on the Diploma programme.
  • DBS Virtual Community of Learners – You will become part of DBS Online’s Virtual Community of Learners where you can network and share with your fellow online students.


Course Content

The Online Diploma in Digital Marketing & Strategy provides a practical overview of the core skills of digital marketing, digital and social media, online PR, paid and organic search and measurement programmes. Modules include:

Online Marketing

  • Analyse strategies to drive traffic, create awareness, generate and manage leads online.
  • Content Marketing Programmes
  • Inbound Marketing Strategies
  • SEO and Website Optimisation
  • Pay Per Click Marketing
  • Website Analytics
  • Email Marketing
  • Leveraging blogging, micro-blogging, video, images and audio to help engage and activate customers online.

Effective Use of Social Media

  • Analysing key social media channels and platforms and using case studies to explore how social media can be used to develop a business.
  • An in depth look at diverse number of social media platforms and channels with relevant case studies
  • Develop business cases and objectives for social media campaigns
  • How to identify relevant social media channels for your business
  • Measuring campaign success
  • Risks associated with using social media for your business
  • Listening to your customers, competitors and the marketplace


Developing and Executing a Digital Strategy

  • How to create a digital strategy for your organisation that takes a holistic view of all channels and platforms and aligns with commercial and strategic goals.
  • Aligning overall business objectives and goals with digital strategies
  • Importance of creating digital personas that represent the behaviours, needs and technographics of your target audience
  • How to analyse and research digital preferences and locations of target audiences
  • How to transform a digital strategy into an achievable tactical framework to deliver business objectives


Online Sales Optimisation

  • Create a programme for testing, measuring and optimising site content to ensure the sales funnel is constantly meeting targets and goals.
  • Exploring case studies that demonstrate the power that images, content and information layout have on conversions
  • Analysing B2B, B2C and economics sales funnels, assessing effectiveness and potential drop off points
  • Optimising site design with clear calls to action
  • Implement A/B and multi-variant testing programmes
  • Analysing site information architecture to optimise user experience.


Studying Online

The digital marketing and strategy diploma is conducted wholly online. The course is a complete virtual learning environment through online workshops, tutorials, and programme assessments.

Weekly scheduled classes are streamed live and recorded using Zoom, a cloud-based app that works on any device. Just like on campus classes involve lecturers, group discussions, student presentations and live tests.



Zoom is a cloud-based collaboration app that works on all devices. Weekly scheduled classes are streamed live and recorded on Zoom. Just like in on-campus classes, online classes include lectures, group discussions, student presentations and live tests.

For you to be able to interact fully with the class, you have to be able to see and hear it. To make sure you get the full virtual learning experience, make sure you have:

  • A microphone
  • Speakers or headphones
  • A webcam – Most modern devices come with all of the above built-in. If your device does not have all of these (or it is broken) there are a few options you can explore:
  • Use the Zoom app on your mobile phone to attend classes.
  • Purchase an external webcam with a built in microphone (these are available from around €15).
  • Purchase a headset with a microphone (also available from around €15).
  • Use a combination or your PC and phone. Dial in to the Zoom session for audio (numbers available for most countries) and attend the meeting online for video.




Moodle is an online learning management system. You will find materials and activities here, as well as links to the live classes, information on your lecturers and your timetable.

To use Moodle you will need:

  • A desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone
  • Any internet browser or equivalent app (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari etc.)
  • Apps that can read and edit PDFs, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint documents. If you do not already have access to these apps, they can be made freely available to you for the duration of the course.


Career Progression Opportunities in Digital Marketing

Having completed the Online Diploma in Digital Marketing & Strategy you will learn how to develop and rollout digital and social media strategies aligned to corporate objectives, in organisations of all sizes.

This knowledge will enable you to pursue a variety of opportunities including in-house digital marketing, agency digital marketing, ecommerce site management and online PR. This course is also perfectly suited to entrepreneurs looking to develop their business.


Student Profile

Our digital marketing courses are great for students who have previous marketing experience but wish to upskill and stay abreast of developments in their field of expertise. Many come from medium and large enterprises who are looking to implement strategic digital plans aligned with key business objectives, others come from an agency background and are seeking to develop and understand core strategies for implementing digital campaigns, and finally there tends to be a mix of entrepreneurs and individuals who are looking to either develop new business ideas or make a career switch.



The fee for this online diploma is €1,500. This is inclusive of tuition, registration and DBS library online membership. This fee must be paid in full before the course begins.


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This course is now open for applications. Contact our admissions team for more information.

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Training ProviderDublin Business School (DBS)
Course LocationDublin
Location PostcodeCo. Dublin
Course TypeOnline Learning
Course QualificationDiploma
Awarding Body DetailsOnline Diploma in Digital Marketing & Strategy
Course Duration12 weeks
Course TimeOnline delivery - 1 online class per week - 1 weekly podcast - 1 online clinic with lecturer for questions and queries
Course Fee€1,500.
Carear PathParticipants who complete th​is online digital marketing course will be able to pursue opportunities in managing online marketing and sales campaigns within client-side marketing organisations, manage large volume ecommerce sites, create and manage digital campaigns within an agency environment, and develop careers in online PR. They will have an expert understanding of how to develop and rollout digital and social media strategies within organisations of all sizes that are aligned with corporate objectives.
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